1. Mosquito profile

2. Profiles for stretch ceilings

SOLUR company offers aluminum profiles for installation of stretch ceilings:

2.1. At the harpoon technology. Allows you to perform installation in a very short time, and if necessary, and make a quick dismantling of the web. Due to its high rigidity, the profiles provide reliability and durability of fastening, well keep the angle at the incision.

2.2. For stabilnego fastening allows you to adjust film tension in the process of installation and do not require high precision measurements. The main types of profiles: U-shaped aluminum profile for the staple system and H-shaped aluminum profile for the harpoon mounting system. Prices for all types of profiles you can specify by calling or sending a request to the address specified in the contacts section.

3. General construction profile (corner, pipe, strip, channel, box, etc.)

One of the directions of the SOLUR company is production of standard aluminum profiles of General purpose.

Are universal profiles that are used in various industries.

To the standard profile it is accepted to carry:

- Corners sizes from 15 to 60 mm;

- Channels sizes from 10x10x1, 5 to 100x50x5 mm;

- Round pipes sizes from 10x2 to 80x15 mm;

- Rectangular pipes of sizes from 15x15x1. 5 to 100x40x4 mm;

- Electrical Bus sizes from 20x3 to 210x22, 5 mm;

- Brands sizes from 25x48x2x2 to 185x100x10x15 mm.

4. Profiles-thresholds for floor coverings

If 20 years ago in the country were sold aluminum sills, many would not have to find alternative options for decorating the joints of the flooring. The main task of aluminum sills-to hide the joint at the junction of the floor covering. With this task on "is famously" mismanaging thresholds aluminum. The aluminum profile used for thresholds allows to connect in a harmonious whole both equally level, and differently level planes of rooms.

5. Balcony profile Provedal

Provedal Profile systems allow to create inexpensive designs for" cold " glazing of balconies and loggias, terraces and verandas, gazebos and greenhouses. They are used as internal partitions in the zoning of residential and office interiors. In the line of the Provedal system there are profiles with rotary (Provedal-P400) and sliding (Provedal-c640). Due to its versatility, low price and reliability Provedal is in high demand in the market of translucent structures.

6. Profiles for trade and exhibition equipment

This product has the following competitive advantages, providing ease of use:

- High strength and resistance to deformation loads;

- corrosion Resistance, chemical inertness;

- Long service life;

- Light weight;

- Simplicity and efficiency of processing and Assembly;

- Neat and presentable appearance.

7. Profiles for SEC

Profiles for light-transparent structures-strong, light, and durable are manufactured on modern high-tech equipment. They are used in the construction of shopping and entertainment complexes, office centers, car dealerships, banks, hotels and other facilities.

8. Profiles for electrical purposes («comb»)

Radiators (coolers) are intended for removal of the heat allocated by power devices in the cooling environment in electrotechnical and radio engineering devices.

9. Radiators

Radiators-with high heat transfer and low weight, heating radiators are perfect for heating rooms. High-tech powder coating line guarantees the quality and durability of the coating.

Finished radiators are packaged in thermal film, so that the products retain their original appearance after transportation and installation. Strict quality control is carried out at all stages of production.